Hydrowall Structural Wall and Rainwater Tank

Get ready to change the way you think about rainwater tanks!

The Supertank slimline water is the ONLY fully- flat faced, modular, structural water tank. Sounds like a mouthful but what that means is that individual tanks fit together to form a completely flat wall, like a concrete wall. It can then be painted, rendered or simply left ‘natural’ grey colour. Because it is a modular system you can store any volume of water you need by simply connecting the tanks together.

The Supertank is designed and owned by two Australian architects in response to need to make a water tank both highly functional without sacrificing good looks or valuble space.

The real benefit of the Supertank is that it is two products in one; It is both a water tank and a building material. The tank(s) can be used instead of traditional building materials like brickwork, stud walls or concrete to build load bearing walls suitable for supporting typical building loads like a roof or lightweight floor.


Hydrowall Water Wall Hydrowall Water Wall

Here are some benefits of the system:

  • Replaces traditional building materials such as brick, stud walls and concrete
  • Faster and easier to install than traditional materials
  • Saves space- Water tank and wall structure are combined in one system
  • Saves money- No need to pay for a wall and separate tank
  • Suitable for new or retrofit applications
  • Available in any height up to 5m high
  • Composite material is termite and insect proof
  • Will not crack, warp, bend, rust or rot
  • Quick and simple to install.
  • Excellent resistance to bush fires, cyclones and earthquakes
  • Saves mess and wastage on construction sites
  • Can be painted, lined, rendered, clad or left blank
  • Comes flat packed for easy and economical transportation
  • Lightweight and easy to move with 1 person
  • Save money on water bills- Store as much water as needed
  • Excellent passive solar design potential as thermal mass
  • Good acoustic properties when full or empty
  • Recyclable, reuseable and transportable

For example you can build a 6 x 6 garage and use Supertanks as the walls. This would give you 30 tanks of approximately 400L each for a total of 12000L. At $300 per tank it would cost approximately $9000 which is competitive with what you pay to have it built from brick. It would take you about 1 day to erect the Supertanks (compared to about 1 week or or more for bricks)

Here are just some of the typical uses of the Supertank Water tanks

  • Garages/ Sheds
  • External walls
  • Internal walls
  • Boundary and screen walls
  • Retaining walls
  • Marine and coastal areas
  • Temporary/ transportable housing
  • Remote and rural buildings
  • Grey water storage (with a suitable system)
  • Storm water storage
  • Non- structural, space saving water tank (retrofit)
  • Diagram of a Supertank system alongside an existing wall

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