How to Keep Your Rainwater Tank Clean and Safe

Collecting rainwater is a great way to save water and save money on your water bills. Collecting rainwater has a lot of great benefits but…

There are some potential dangers with storing and consuming rainwater:

  • Mosquitoes breeding in the water
  • Bird and animal droppings being washed into the the tank
  • Rotting leaves staining and polluting the water
  • Sediment¬† build up that can damage pumps, reticulation and appliances
  • Algae and Water Staining

Most of these problems occur when the pollution on the roof is washed into your tank when it first starts to rain. This intial flow of water washes all the dust, leaves and other pollution off the roof and into your tank. YUK!

We all know that prevention is better than cure, so it makes sense to stop pollution entering the tank,  rather than trying to treat it after it has been polluted. Once a tank is polluted it can be difficult to overcome a problem. It often requires harsh chemicals to fix or may require draining the tank and wasting all that precious water.

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